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Nado Poizokhang is the oldest and the largest hand-made incense sticks manufacturer in Bhutan. It was a government owned unit until the early 1990s. When the Royal Government started privatizing most of the Government owned organization the Unit started to commercialize in the year 1991. It is a family business managed by family members while providing employment for 15 poor, uneducated, and underprivileged people. We work closely with the Community Based Sustainable Management of Medicinal Plants Project that educates collectors in the sustainable collection and cultivation of the natural products that we use.

We produce nine varieties of incense sticks and two types of incense powder using about hundred types of natural herbs and medicinal plants, mostly grown in mighty Himalayas. The formula used in making incense is as old as 700 years. So, the use of chemical or environmentally hazardous substance is unknown even today to us. It is purely natural and artistic.The product from this unit is highly acclaimed within and outside Bhutan. Today, it is known in Europe, the United States, and throughout Asia.

The Founder of Nado Poizokhang

Nado Poizakhang was formed to take advantage of the rich experience and great reputation enjoyed by our founder Mr Nado. Mr Nado started making incense with the encouragement of his abbot, the Gelong Nerchendrep Tshering Dorji. Mr Nado’s training encompassed both the ingredients that go into incense making as well the correct spiritual manner by which the sticks and powders are made. Because of the close relationship between our Royal Government and our Buddhist way of life, Mr Nado then managed the Government’s incense factory. In 1990 the factory was privatised and Nado Poizakhang was formed. In line with his Buddhist nurturing philosophy Mr Nado has encouraged many of his workers to leave and set up their incense making units. Mr Nado is rightfully considered the father of Bhutan’s commercial incense industry.

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