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All of Our incense products are made in strict accordance to ancient Buddhist scripture. It governs the materials we use and the method by which we make our sticks and powders. The scriptures require us to separate Kriya tantra or incense made with no meat or alcoholic ingredients from Upa tantra which allows us to use a far greater array of ingredients. Our incense recipes incorporate flowers, bark, wood, leaves, fruit, and roots. Most of our products use around 40 ingredients whilst some of our special ceremonial incense uses 108 natural ingredients, an auspicious number to us Buddhists. Many of the natural products we use grow at more than 4000 m in the Himalayas. Collecting is undertaken by yak herders as they move their herds up and down the mountains searching for summer and winter pastures as well as families who live permanently high in the remote Himalayas.

We produce broadly two forms of incense: The traditional hand-made stick and the incense powder. The Trational hand made incense stick is two types. Zur poe or Zim Poe and Riwosangchoe. Under Zur-Poi type we produce about seven grades of incense sticks, which are used for both offering and meditational purposes. And under Riwosangchoe Incense, we produce two types which is used for special ceremonial purpose.

We produce two varieties of incense powder. One is very fine herbal powder (ZANGDRUP) and the other is the coarse high altitude plant leaf powder. (SANG)

I. Zurpoe/Zimpoe
Sl.No Products/Sample Name
1   Bamboo A
2 Grade B
3 Grade C
4 Grade D
5 Grade E
6 Grade F
7 Grade G

II. Riwo Sangchoe
Sl.No Products/Sample Name
1 Red-Evening
2 White-Morning

III. Incense Powder
Sl.No Products/Sample Name
1 Zangdrup
2 Sangchoe


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